Origin and journey :
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (July 20,1974)
  •  He hade a bachelor degree in marketing from the College of Industrial Management at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. He completed his master's and doctoral studies in ( Business Administration ) and specialized in (Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Business Development).
  •  the innovator of (on-demand Entertainment)  as a sector and an alternative science (sociology of leisure) according to a complete system that is the latest economic theory in the world-known game theory.
  •  Founder and Supervisor (On Demand  Entertainment R&D Center for Studies and Development of  Generations).
  •  Founder of the world's first open source (Entertainment)
  •  Founder of the world's first entertainment talent platform.
  •  Founder of Trfihi parks platform which inventory  the public parks  and transforms them into entertainment centers, education and economic opportunities.
  •  Founder of Happiness colors company for entertainment and investment .
  •  Founder of the Union of Real Estate in the Organization of Cooperation.
  •  Founder of Menutainment Project, which aims to provide the means of learning by entertaining and developing special work environments, sports services and government services by practical investment ideas.
A journey of life between the past and future :


He was Born in an Ideal  and average family,

It has directed him to be disciplined and be care about his study as an important goal for his life ..

He spent his first years alone. His great pleasure was to read and follow magazines

 (Majid), (Mickey), ( the 13 adventurers)  and watch (Adnan and Lina) on the only local TV channel.

The coincidence has played its role when his only friend has invited him to take part in a student trip.

Enjoy the trip and the flow of ideas and activity .. His presence has emerged clearly ..

In a short time, he has participated in a number of school activities such as radio, agriculture,

the Scout Club,( Elmaksaf ) group and the library.

And was nominated for a number of school trips .. He has participated with enthusiasm and interest ..

His personality has been developed  with the activities available in different stages of the study .. And has gained a lot of knowledge ,skills and Relationships ..

In order to be able to establish a number of student clubs and manage them .. and participate in a large number of competitions and win .. inside and outside Saudi Arabia ..

Increase him with the fun,passion and looking forward to the best ..

 After college he has immersed himself in the midst of practical life and family responsibility as a supreme goal for his life, which he wishes to be exceptional and extraordinary.

  • He has continued his high studies and has attended the most famous training and development programs, exhibitions and local and International Conferences ..
  •  He has specialized in management and business development.
  •  He has managed and founded many companies and private investment projects for a number of large commercial families, his family and the participation of a number of investors.
  •  He has traveled to more than forty countries around the world and has built many relationships and has met many important figures to the level of heads of state, ministers and celebrities in the business sector of the world.
  •  He has organized a number of specialized exhibitions and conferences and supervised them.
  • He also has presented many papers, researches, training courses and specialized workshops.
  •  He has published many articles through newspapers and various means.
  • He has written several specialized books on the subject of the initiative and the topic of financial sustainability in which he has put his research and experiences.
  •  He has Participated in voluntary work and founded a non-profit international economic organization of 50 countries.

And then without introductions .. After over 40 years .. He has a wonderful family and a number of children ..

He has noted that most of what happened to him in life is (By the grace of God)  its the product of the talents, skills and abilities (limited), which he  has discovered and developed during his period of enjoying the activities (available) that he was able to participate in during  the different periods of study

As for before, during, and after that, he did not have anything great or distinctive that would bring him pleasure and benefit at the same time.

So he has the question:

Is happiness (our desire for fun) .. And productivity (our desire to achieve) ..

One world .. Or two separate worlds?

After a deep thinking and research and follow-up of most of the challenges of our reality (social) , (professional) and (Economic) ..

The most important of which is the semi-recurrent question of almost every day:

 How to spend time in a fun and useful way .. For ourselves .. And with our children ..

Or our friends .. Or our employees .. Or our students?!

In order to answer in a way that makes the future.

He has founded the first center for research, studies and development of Entertainment .. To launch towards a new generation of unique future services:

    The Generation of .. (On-Demand Entertainment)

In preparation for the promising future vision 2030 a.d 

  •  Nominated himself as a business ambassador to establish a science and a new world which name is (Trfihi ).
  • - Aims to merge the world of happiness, fun and joy ..  with the world of productivity in learning, work and daily family life ..
  • In a way that hopes for the best change in our generation and paves the way for future generations.
  • - has gone towards prospects that look unknown horizons and began to  define the meaning and value of entertainment in life.
  • - He has decided to write a new story that establishes the world of entertainment on demand .. which harnesses the power of science and the revolution of technology to increase skills and abilities and human achievements ..
  • Has set the basics for the first entertainment platform in the world .. An open source entertainment encyclopedia .. To share every creative in enriching .. And to go through it towards the establishment of the Academy of Entertainment .. And reformulated of a number of scienceS and disciplines on the basics of entertainment on demand ..
  • And has set the basis for the first platform for entertainment talents in the world .. To find every talented and gifted his opportunity, whatever the field of his distinct  ..
  • - And has established the first Arab team dedicated to creating entertainment ..
  • - He has created many initiatives, technical solutions and leisure investment projects of specific intellectual property, which are useful for society and the economy.

And set the goal of his life to be launched (Entertainment)

To build an integrated future world

Where happiness and achievement merge .