A project created and developed Happiness Colors Entertainment Company.

The first specialized development program, which aims to develop the performance of companies and human cadres according to the initiative theory that addresses all individuals and commercial and non-commercial institutions, has been launched. It was developed by Dr. Mohammed bin Yahya Al- Mufarreh to be implemented according to the theory of games which gained great momentum in recent decades and had a great impact in economic, political, and military fields. 

Regarding the importance of (the initiative program), the program expert Dr. Mohammed  Mufarreh pointed out that very few companies and institutional leaders are aware of the importance of the practical application of the theory of the initiative in the business environment and the lives of individuals; and less of them managed to possess the skills and keys necessary to make the initiative a mean of excellence, and a weapon for each team leader looking for achievement, and a tool of each person looking forward to success and progress.

He also stressed that the initiative is the conduct that must be discovered and then built and strengthened within the teams, so that they take responsibility and push themselves towards achieving the goals according to the best standards of performance and achievement.

In addition, Dr. Mohammed  Mufarreh  pointed out that it is very difficult to impose development programs in traditional ways on the employees of companies who live in a fast-paced community of technology and different ideas.

Therefore, the development of a special methodology has been chosen according to the theory of games with a growing presence in different practices and challenges. The result was a full tendency to introduce the initiative program within the framework of entertainment development which makes learning more profound, acquiring skills would be faster in addition to the self-discovery of talents.

It also employs a number of individual and collective games, recreational practices such as role playing, talent recruitment, competitions and video presentations, dedicated to the program's themes, which revolves around knowledge of the concepts and secrets of the initiative, and the obstacles that prevent the adoption and success of initiatives to achieve personal and professional goals;  with a plan to build a professional and personal initiative for each participant in the program

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