A few hours before the end of the year 2018, the year of Zayed .. Dr. Mohammed Yahya Al-Mufarreh has announced the launch of his international initiative (Trfihi parks)  www.trfihi-parks.org .. He wants to start from Abu Dhabi, where there're many international initiatives has been launched from and have affected the whole world.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mufarreh has said: 
"Days ago, the United states of Emirates has witnessed the 47th national day," so I've remembered Sheikh Zayed's statement 15 years ago at the 32nd National Day of the UAE. 
"We have been able to turn the land of this country, which is said to be unsuitable for agriculture and development, to wide green gardens and production plants. "
So it is time to announce the launch of our international initiative to sustain public parks from the point of view of community services and economic development, following the approach of Zayed, may God have mercy on him.

(Trfihi Parks) initiative is the first electronic platform that provides comprehensive information about parks in every city around the world. It presents integrated and comprehensive services to the community, where individuals or institutions will be able to easily know the parks closest to them anywhere, Facilities, programs and recreational services for adults and young people. The park also has educational, voluntary, investment or other opportunities. The initiative goes through stages starting with coordination with the municipal department concerned with the city from which it starts.

This Initiative will be launched from Abu Dhabi -Zayed House. The Abu Dhabi Executive Council, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has launched "Ghadan 21"  Abu Dhabi development accelerator programme
We believe that Abu Dhabi is a unique giant. And its current existing facilities, including public parks, make it one of the most important regional and international destinations.

Moreover, Dr. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Mufarreh, the founder of (Trfihi parks platform), has stated that parks in each society are the lungs in which life breathes. The late Sheikh Zayed - may God have mercy on him- had a vision that balances between development, environment and the rights of future generations to a beautiful life in a secure green environment, 

In 2003, he has said, "by the sincere efforts of the UAE people, the country has succeeded in conquering the difficult conditions and achieving what the experts considered impossible. The green area began to expand and the desert is falling back to green." The whole world has witnessed the miracle of desert planting, And the establishment of Al Ain Wildlife Park, which has celebrated 50 years of its founding in the year of Zayed .. And many more, which called for many regional and international organizations to honor Sheikh Zayed as the man of development.

So, the importance of this initiative is the sustainability of the efforts of Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, who cared about public parks as an important link in life, economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Therefore, the initiative is a modern solution that has been launched in (The Year of Zayed) from Zayed House towards global horizons for extended periods of time. It supports the efforts of the government and achieving its goals in education, tourism, sports, awareness and more. Additionally, it opens more opportunities for volunteer work and career for citizens and residents ..

On the other hand this initiative provides information to individuals and institutions about the services and facilities of each (park), whether for hiking or social events or to learn entertainment programs for kids and adults ..
it offers opportunities for productive families and small investors such as kiosks operators and the establishment of various events .. which reflect on the Sustainable development.

(Trfihi Parks) an International Initiative for Society Happiness and Sustainable social & economic development starting from Abu Dhabi with the start of 2019

A few hours before the end of the year 2018, the year of Zayed .. Dr. Mohammed Yahya Al-Mufarreh has announced the launch of his international initiat...

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